10 Ideas to Improve Your Blog Content in 2022

10 Ideas to Improve Your Blog Content in 2022


Heading into 2022, writing blog content will become even more crucial for your success. But without a blog content plan, you are not likely to achieve your results. In this article, I will try to provide you with some ideas which could help you enhance your content strategy. While they may seem like a good insight, feel free to customize them in accordance with your own blog.

Before we start with the ideas, let’s see some stats behind blog posts:

  • 92% of content marketers use blog posts to act as a part of their content marketing strategy
  • The usual blog post length is between 1500-2000 words
  • According to bloggers, the most important factor for good results is the quality of the content.
  • Only 3% of bloggers don’t use social media to promote their posts
  • 60% of consumers agree that blog posts affect their decision
Blog Content is important, especially for first-time customers




1. Write More

Blogging is the best way to develop fresh content for your website, that can be repurposed for social media and other platforms. It gives you a chance to build an organic following from readers who are drawn in by your expertise, personality, and industry insight. From there, you can boost different pieces of content, or add edits and tweaks as time goes on. If you want to know how to develop a blog content strategy, you might actually start from the start. Just write more!

Sometimes, the content you might believe is more useful for your readers, might turn out to be a bad attempt. The content for your blog which you have underestimated might win you clients. Remember: statistics don’t tell everything.


2. Focus on your niche

Your attribution doesn’t end when you write content for a blog. You should find your niche and focus on writing great content based on it. In order to improve the company’s reputation in the eyes of its customers, a business must develop a blog that’s related to their business.  Staying on topic is important, but businesses should be able to discuss other topics naturally.  For example, if you have a store that sells computer products and parts, your blog content should revolve around technology, hardware, and software industry news, go-to guides, etc.

3. Build Authority

A concerning amount of people are targeted by scammers. According to Which? scams reached record levels during the pandemic. Scammed, lied to, and ripped off. This is the story of a lot of people on the Internet. And no one likes paying for things that don’t work. This is why it’s so important to distinguish the true from the false. Blog content writing is one good way to display your expertise and experience, and build trust.

Pro tip: You can build authority by interviewing industry experts


4. Stop selling

I know, it’s very tempting. After all, what’s the point of any blog, if it is not meant to sell? To prove worth! Before you attempt to sell, put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Do they need to see you bragging?

The hard truth is: very few people truly care about your business. The majority of your clients cherish their own consumer experience.

With the right blog content ideas, you can achieve so much more. And best of all – you can still promote your business subtly. Trust me – clients will rate slight promotions much better than hard, blatant sales.

5. Pick the right keywords

Keywords are the primary concern for content creators. The words or terms that users type into Google and other search engines are what content creators need to know in order to create high-quality, relevant content that is likely to rank well on search engines and drive traffic. Due to the fact that keyword research is time-consuming, most newbie content creators conduct blind research, simply not knowing how to research properly. There are some free (with limited capabilities) and paid tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, KWinder, and others.

When searching for keywords, don’t focus on volume only. Keyword difficulty and traffic potential are also crucial for your keyword selection. If you find some easy-to-rank keywords, your traffic might explode at some point, once search demand increases.

6. Don’t overuse the keywords

When it comes to keyword stuffing, don’t be a monkey behind the typewriter. Google can sniff out keyword stuffing by noting when a phrase doesn’t sound like natural language. Avoid overwhelming your reader with too many keywords and focus on being tactful with your use of them. If your aim is to write a blog for the sake of having such, you’d better go without wasting your time.

Professional tip: Instead of going through the same keyword over and over again, think as a reader. What would you like to find out before you purchase? For example: if you write about cheese, you can also write about dairy products, calories, protein/fats/carbs, smell, regions where it is produced, etc.

7. Show Imagination…or use a blog content generator

It’s not necessary to be a Shakespeare to write for your blog. While others would give you tips, such as “Learn how to write great headlines”, you can create top-quality content without spending hours thinking of a good headline. You just need a few ideas that relate to your niche and two ideas of the topics you want to cover. After that, some tools such as Hubspot’s blog ideas generators will do the rest.

Do you lack imagination? That’s fine. Here are a couple of topic ideas:

  • What articles
  • How to blog posts
  • X(number) best/worst posts
  • Product A vs Product B comparison articles

Consistent blog links are every blogger’s dream. Your content should be linked in a way that makes sense to your readers and doesn’t create a maze. If you link to other posts on your blog, readers have an easier time navigating your site because they won’t need to click through multiple pages to reach the information they seek.

But the purpose of internal links is the first part of success. By successfully linking old blog posts, you give them a “second life” while boosting your traffic, too. However, do not forget one crucial detail.

Internal links to very old posts is a double-edged sword. Make sure you update your content beforehand.

Note: Just because internal links are proved to work, doesn’t mean you should neglect external links. Try to keep a balance between them in your blog. It does not only improve your SEO rankings but also makes your content more trustworthy, as it shows you’ve done your research.

Internal links improve blog content, as they give additional depth of resources

9. Visuals matter more than you think

Your blog’s design and images are key elements to instill trust in your followers. Ensure that your blog is easy to navigate and the images are high-quality and relevant to the content. According to studies, 94% of the first impression are related to guess what…design! Dull designs and pop-ups are not considered bonuses. In fact, a great copywriter cannot survive without a great designer to partner with them.

Visuals are just one side of the coin. Formatting is just as important. Adding bullets, headlines, subheadlines, and table of contents, for example, also play a role.

Engaging blog content wins you customers like nothing else.

10. Learn before you write, or trust professionals

Although writing great blog content has become a popular way to increase brand awareness and generate leads, composing blog posts is not as easy as it may seem. As some companies have learned, too much confidence can backfire. One small mistake in the content can be the difference between building trust with potential customers and risking damaging your company’s image. This is why one of the most important things to keep in mind when writing a blog post is to make sure that you trust professionals.

While the number of people who realize the importance of blog content writing strategy is rising, there are still some people here and there that show overconfidence which keeps them from reaching better results.

Bonus Idea: Share your content across social media channels

Social media platforms are more than just a way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. They can be used as a way to boost traffic to blog posts, making valuable content go further. By promoting your cornerstone articles on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can help raise their visibility and increase the likelihood of them being read by new audiences.


While we are mere days away from 2022, we need to prepare ourselves for the next pandemic. While many companies will be relying on their websites’ SEO capabilities to attract customers and generate sales, those who don’t optimize their blogs with great content will suffer. Fortunately, there are a number of credible blog content writing services that can help prepare brands.


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