10 Big Reasons To Hire a High-Quality Copywriter For Your business

10 Big Reasons To Hire a High-Quality Copywriter For Your business

If an entrepreneur has to pick a team of three professionals to run a digital company, one of them will most certainly be a copywriter. So why should you hire one, and what makes copywriters such an asset for each business?

In this article, we will review 10 reasons why hiring a copywriter could be a profitable move for your business. First, we will start with what copywriting is and what a copywriter does to benefit your business.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriter - it's a way of life
Copywriting is fundamental for your business’s success.

Copywriting is the art and science of persuasive writing. It is often used to get a visitor to take action – to become a customer, click on a link, fill a form, download a whitepaper, sign up for something, or do anything other than continue scrolling. But who does that?

Copywriter – where the journalist meets the marketer

When asked about what exactly is the “copywriter“, I often reply – a hybrid. Good copywriters require many skills, just like the journalists – using the right word at the right time, focusing on a specific topic, and playing with words in a way that engages the reader to continue without distraction. 

However, they are not exactly “journos.” Journalists tend to be unbiased in their articles, while the copywriter needs to indirectly sell an idea (or even further – a product or service). This is where the marketer comes into place. Because copywriting aims at gently switching the reader into a customer, the profession finds its place in the Marketing department.

Reason 1 – Good copy brings revenue

Words can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business – they can help you bring in new clients, establish a connection with them, and ultimately make more sales. But not all words are created equal, and it’s essential to know the difference between good copy that really works and mediocre copy that doesn’t. Creating captivating copy that speaks to your audience like never before can put you ahead of the competition and raise your business into the spotlight where it belongs. 

Reason 2 – Your copy represents your brand

A good copywriter brings additional value to your brand
A good copywriter brings additional value to your brand

Every text you write on social media or your website can be considered a brand text. Everything you post is part of your brand story. Your brand voice and identity speak to customers, and when it’s done correctly, it resonates with them. Whether you’re telling a story about yourself or interacting with customers, every text you write has the potential to build brand loyalty and strengthen your company’s image.

Reason 3 – A good copywriter can prevent cart abandonment rate

Statista research shows that the average digital shopping cart abandonment rate is around 70%. One way to reducing cart abandonment is to build trust with shoppers. A personal touch is one of the best ways to do so. A talent that can bring a compassionate voice to your business, engaging customers quickly and effectively in a way that can turn them into loyal customers is much needed if you would like to succeed.

Reason 4 – Copywriters provide many fresh ideas

Copywriters aren’t just good with words; they have a unique talent for storytelling, which gives them the ability to paint pictures and offer deep insights into products or services. They’re a great addition to any team and can help businesses of all sizes turn their products into memorable experiences. Most importantly, if you hire a professional to write your ad copy, they will come up with many good ideas – from a cheeky ad text to a whole new strategy.

Reason 5 – The Psychology factor

Good copywriters know the key to persuading people to buy is to show how a product can benefit them. If businesses don’t understand this, they won’t sell anything. An industry expert will know what consumers want and need and have a way to communicate that to your customer in a way effectively they will respond positively to. And since psychology can affect the trust factor, you can actually expect your texts to build more trust and more sales.

Reason 6 – They are incredibly flexible

People using search box for query, engine giving result. Vector illustration for SEO work, SERP, online promotion, content marketing concept
Copywriters offer outstanding flexibility and while writing is their main talent, they can also handle a variety of tasks

Copywriters help you write for different platforms, according to the audience. For example, when writing for a blog post on your company’s blog, you might tell stories about your employees or your company’s values – but if you’re writing a Facebook ad, you might have to take a different tone and make it more direct and concise. Good copywriters adapt their language based on their audience and the platform they’re using (check this article to find more about social media marketing).

Reason 7 – Copywriters possess many talents that blend well

If you are looking to hire a copywriter, you should know that they are talented in many disciplines. Great copywriters excel at the “triathlon” – writing, search engine optimization, and selling. Their most extraordinary talent is that, unlike sales associates, they promote your brand under the radar, establishing a good connection with the client and identifying their needs before purchase. 

Reason 8 – Copywriters are a vital part of your content strategy

Copywriting is part of the content strategy
Your content strategy revolves around engaging content

We already discussed the benefits of a good content strategy. But how exactly does the copywriter fit in it? 

Answer: By providing a consistent, persuasive brand message that resonates with the audience and drives more revenue.

Not only does the copywriter excel at what they do best – high-quality copywriters might craft social media texts, emails, articles, and blog posts. They are multipurpose monsters.

Reason 9 – They represent your business in front of other businesses

A business without a professional copywriter doesn’t just look bad in the eyes of the partners. Low-quality texts are really putting potential clients off, and there is a good chance you end up being laughed at by your competitors. Most importantly, they will try to represent you as an example of an amateur who cannot make good articles, let alone serious business. Professional copywriters know what works in the B2B world – they understand the value of the words they use. They can put even the most complex product or service into simple words that a diverse range of audiences can easily understand.

Reason 10 – Not everyone can become a copywriter

Unlike many people who preach that “You can become everything,” I don’t believe in that mantra. You should know that not everyone can become a superb copywriter. And I don’t mean that it is a mission impossible to write an OK-ish copy – it is still possible. However, just like graphic design needs drawing skills, so does copywriting need writing talent.


To sum up, hiring a skilled copywriter is an investment that will pay off. Copywriters can communicate your brand message and engage with the customers, allowing you to influence the client and persuade them to buy. But have in mind that not everyone is capable of writing high-quality copy, which is why you should never lower your standards.

When you’re lucky enough to find a gifted writer that fits your style and your brand, pay them well and treat them like a key member of your team.

Good writers want to have a say in what they write – they want as much freedom as possible in their work and will be able to take your words and create something brilliant.

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