Another BIG Google Search Ranking Update? It's Unreal…

Another BIG Google Search Ranking Update? It’s Unreal…
Google Search Ranking Update October 2022
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A lot of sources like Search Engine Roundtable claim that Google Search Ranking has undergone yet ANOTHER update.

As a copywriter and news addict, my inbox and Twitter feed are constantly bombarded with the latest Google algorithm update news. Some of these “updates” are real and usually cause serious traffic fluctuations. Other times, it’s much rather a rant about nothing, and people are just looking for something to complain about. So, when I saw the recent news about a possible Google search ranking update, I wanted to dive in and see if there was anything to it.



Google’s Search Algorithm October 2022 Updates

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Google is constantly changing and updating its search algorithms. These updates can be minor, like tweaking how a particular type of search is conducted, or they can be major, like changing how Google ranks websites.

Some algorithm changes are announced. Others are not announced but are discovered by those who track such things. And people often find out “the hard way.”

The impact of an algorithm update can vary widely. Some may not be noticed, while others can cause significant website traffic and rankings shifts. The last big one was in September, when many people got hit. 

If you think your website has been impacted by an algorithm change, the best course of action is to wait it out and see if the change is temporary or permanent. Making substantial changes to your website in an attempt to “fix” something that may not be broken can do more harm than good.

Glenn Gabe has put things into perspective.

What do these updates mean for SEO?

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Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm to ensure that searchers get the most relevant results for their queries. The latest update is designed to further improve the quality of search results by considering the “freshness” of content. This means that recent and relevant content will be given more weight in the search results, while older, less relevant content will be pushed down.

This update has implications for SEO, as it means that fresh content is now even more critical for achieving high rankings in Google. If you want your website to rank well, make sure to regularly publish new and relevant content. In addition, pay attention to the age of your website’s content – if some of it is starting to look a bit dated, consider refreshing it to ensure it’s still up to scratch.

How to Prepare for Google Search Ranking Updates?

No one knows for sure when Google will release its next algorithm update, but you can do a few things to prepare for it. First, keep an eye on the SEO community for any rumors or speculation about an upcoming update.

Second, ensure your website is as up-to-date and compliant with Google’s guidelines as possible.

Third, if you do receive a manual action notification from Google, act on it quickly and thoroughly. Finally, be prepared to adjust your SEO strategy as needed after an algorithm update is released.

But even if you have no clue what to do, just do the basics: write SEO-optimized articles and website content.

Final words

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, so the methods we use to optimize our website for search ranking have to change too. However, one thing remains constant: the importance of quality content. No matter what Google updates its algorithm to prioritize, high-quality content will always be vital to ranking your website higher in search results. So if you want to improve your website’s search ranking, ensure you’re creating informative, well-written content relevant to your audience.

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